An Open Letter to Antifascists

A flyer that was distributed at the “DeploraBall” on the eve of Trump’s inauguration:

If any of you regard the alt-righters as neo-fascist bigots who hope to one day overthrow democracy in the United States, you’d be mostly right.

However, please bear in mind that we are speaking in generalities. There is a great diversity of opinions within the ‘alt-right’.

Moreover, please bear in mind that we do not live in a black-and-white world. While a great many of the alt-right’s grievances are immediately recognizable as illegitimate within the framework of multiculturalism, democracy, liberal humanism and human rights—there are nevertheless some grievances that are not so obviously illegitimate.

Realities change much faster than do narratives. The moral high ground has a nasty habit of slipping out from under our feet. As Bob Dylan sang, “Those who were once first will soon finish last.’ As modern archeo-genetics shows us, Tyrannosaurus Rex exists today only in its minor genetic contributions to the domestic chickens that we enslave and feed off of.

This said, I’ve got one toe inside the big tent of the alt-right. It’s only one toe, but it’s a big toe. I am spiritually on board with open borders, optimizing the distribution of wealth, feminism—et cetera. I recognize the evils of racial bias, and constantly aspire to overcome them by seeing myself in every other.

Nevertheless, the logic of the entire ‘race’ discussion changes drastically if it were false that all humanity were identical blank slates whose only difference stems from education and acculturation. If you were to see it as false – as do most alt-righters and as do I – then you would, like them and me, see racial bias as perhaps caused by – rather than causing – meaningful differences between human populations. You would then see the post-war antiracist project as having gone in an extremely dystopic, explicitly and unjustifiably anti-white direction.

That said, I think that we should make no presuppositions regarding the essential sameness or differentness of human populations, recognizing that the cup is perhaps both half-empty and half-full. We should therefore not impose aggressive ‘social engineering’ programs over the unwilling, and no double standards should exist based on race.

I am not bullshitting you. I am not trying to Trojan-horse my way into earning your good faith.

In any case, I don’t blame you for protesting Trump, bigotry, chauvinism, Islamophobia. I don’t even blame you for (metaphorically) spitting on me.
If you’re merely looking for something to ritually hate, I suppose the alt-right serves this purpose. However, if you want to gain deeper insight into why the alt-right has emerged, then I invite you to contact me. I am by no means a spokesperson for the greater alt-right movement – not by any measure – but I do understand it better than it perhaps does itself, and I would be happy to open up dialogue toward greater mutual understanding; that the alt-right’s legitimate grievances be made intelligible within the greater discourse of human rights, and that they be weaned off of their bitterness. After all, I would argue that their hatred is enflamed by them being excluded and silenced.

Here is a video of Al passing it out to the crowd of protestors: