How to be a Bleeding-Heart Racist

This brief activist manifesto is tailored to alt-right, white ethnonationalist audiences. To readers who do not fall into this ideological demographic, please realize that the mission of Legitimate Grievances is to stake out whatever common ground may exist between liberal humanism and the alt-right – and compatibilize them. We do not believe this is a paradox.

Ignore the non-critical. Focus only on the root of the problem—the dogma of racial sameness. Realize that all of the evils we seek to eradicate are predicated on this fallacy. Thus, we must concern ourselves solely with the task of weaning the masses off of this dogma, to the exclusion of all else (including feminism, radical Islam—et c). Once this is achieved, all else will fall into place.

Realize that logical argument and appeal to empirical observation are not the determinants of belief. Rather, social utility is the presiding determinant, and people’s ‘beliefs’ are more akin to lines read from a script of ‘what you’re supposed to say’ than they are genuinely held beliefs.

Realize that the falsity of racial sameness is the open secret of our era. Almost nobody, regardless of how loudly they cry out that race is a meaningless category and that we all have the same innate capabilities (and that ‘white racism’ is the culprit) actually believes this dogma in any functional sense.

Therefore, do not try to ‘convince’ others that the theory of racial blank slatism is pseudoscientific and probably false. There is an overwhelming consilience of evidence of this; by letting them shift the burden of proof on your shoulders, you are already conceding defeat by playing into their narrative.

Therefore, do not get dragged down into futile scientistic debates. Express skepticism not about their claims regarding racial sameness but, rather, that they even believe their claims. Respond by asserting that the white lie they are perpetuating has long since become grotesquely misguided, and is doomed to fail. (Employ a universalist moral argument for dumping the dogma of racial sameness, as elaborated further on in this document.)

If naysayers insist that they wholeheartedly believe in the dogma of racial sameness, still do not get dragged into dialectic. Rather, tell them that they must first open their hearts to the possibility that they are complicit in something seriously deranged, unsustainable, and deleterious to the welfare of all peoples.

Realize that the moral high ground has long since been vacated by the early proponents of Antiracism. It has been left uninhabited, open for the taking. Only once we choose to seize it will the winds shift in our favor. This is so because to occupy the moral high ground is to project an awesome, game-changing ethos and credibility.

Realize that if we want to be effective, we must see ourselves as working on behalf of all mankind, not just the white race. The only way we can win the race war is by ending it for all. Therefore, do not conflate kindness with weakness, and do not conflate conditional cooperation with unconditional ‘pathological’ altruism. If you embrace the ‘zero sum game’ view of race relations, then you are actively courting the annihilation of the white race. Forget about ‘saving the white race’, and instead think about being a poet-warrior of righteousness who is fighting on behalf of all mankind. After all, a clean conscience will make you inviolable.

Recognize the primacy and urgency of universalist moral arguments for dumping the dogma of racial sameness. For example, realize that the dogma of racial sameness not only scapegoats and mandates discrimination against whites, but also needlessly fans the flames of human suffering by attempting to preserve maladaptive, antisocial traits that are ultimately fated to vanish from the human genepool, one way or another, as we as a species drifts irrevocably toward our evolutionary horizon. Therefore, so it seems, Antiracism is guilty of needlessly stoking the evolutionary furnace by pursuing an inefficient, unsustainable evolutionary trajectory. Simply stated, those you wish to win over must consider the ramifications of subscribing to Antiracism were it the case that Antiracism’s foundational premise stood on loose soil.

Do not make positive claims about the nuance of human biodiversity; rather, advocate that all public policy be predicated on a decidedly agnostic stance on the differences, or lack thereof, between human races. (Think: Colorblindness.) Advocate that evolutionary pressures be applied uniformly across the racial boundaries such that the peoples of the world do converge into one race. This will erode anti-white cultural and political structures without risking a morally untenable backslide into Nazi-like totalitarian eugenics policies.

Realize that humans are only capable of seeing labels and reading from pre-existent discourses. Therefore, elude categorization and force them to come knocking at the door of our new discourse. This is more important than ostensible ‘respectability’. Do not be a conservative, and do not be a bigot. Do not harbor a guilty conscience. Travel, and step as far outside of our ideological comfort zones as possible; familiarize yourself with the thoughtspace that gave rise to Antiracism. Force them to see you as an entirely new breed of human thought rather than as some adherent to a tired, old ideology that has long since lost all credibility. We are not embittered, and we do not cling to antiquated sentiments and sensibilities. We are objective and dispassionate, aware that the enemy is ideas and not people or peoples.

Similarly, realize that all conflict is reducible to inadequate communication. Yes, you have escaped the fetters of Plato’s cave, but you have since chained yourself to one perspective. Step out from your self and your ethnic-egoic perspective, and learn how to communicate across paradigmic gap and the semiotic gap.

Accept that the post-war hegemonic Antiracist morality was inevitable–that it was fabricated with the best of intentions of all mankind in mind, and that we merely seek to correct it, and build upon it, rather than turn back the clock. We do have legitimate grievances that can be expressed within the tradition of the West’s liberal humanism. Until we do so, we are speaking in tongues, locked out of all mainstream discussion.

Be a champion of human empathy. Refuse to play the villain in their narrative; to play the villain who thinks there ‘is not enough to go around’ is to concede defeat. Similarly, do not retreat into the comforts of subculture.

Ablate all racial egoism lest people think your universalist moral position is mere subterfuge. Our task is simply to establish the preconditions for white nationalist structures to emerge, not to build those structures ourselves. Therefore, attach your ego to this God-mandated revolutionary movement, and to the iconoclasts of history of all colors.

Exude heartfelt sincerity and earnestness. In doing so, people will realize that we are not joking, and we are not misguided. By engaging in nonviolent direct action, this heartfelt sincerity and earnestness is articulated.

Those of us on the moral high ground desire the same outcomes for all humanity as did the liberal humanist theorists of yesteryear, only we desire it all the more fervently, and realize that we cannot bring about paradise on Earth by ignoring inconvenient truths about race. We are not trying to improve the situation for whites to the detriment of non-whites; rather, we are trying to achieve justice and equality, harmony between peoples, and the amelioration of suffering for all sentient beings.

And, lastly, realize that the ‘sit and wait’ strategy that we on the alt-right currently subscribe to is not a strategy at all—it is the absence of a strategy. We cannot count on Donald Trump or some year-zero economic collapse to do our work for us.

To win the race war, we must be the ones to end the race war.

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