What are these “Legitimate Grievances”?

“If the evolution of [an] ideological pattern does not keep pace with the growth of knowledge, with social change and the march of events, the [ideology] will increasingly cease to satisfy the multitudes seeking assurance about their destiny, and will become progressively less effective as a social organ.”

– Julian Huxley

We did not choose the name “Legitimate Grievances” frivolously. In the wake of the alt-right’s meteoric rise to prominence, we are all left with many questions. Why are they so angry at multiculturalism and racial equality? What do they want changed? To many of us, it seems like such people are the one thing holding society back from its manifest destiny as a post-racial utopia.

After all, there’s no denying the stark reality of persistent racial disparity and racial bias. A quick glance at the objective facts tells us incontrovertibly that African-Americans are indeed deprived of a great many privileges and standards that white people take for granted.

The alt-right is largely comprised of white males who have grown weary of the implicitly anti-white rhetoric of ‘diversity’, the destruction of white culture, the end of a white majority, anti-white identity politics, the unending war on purported white racism, the unequal protection of whites under the law, the scapegoating of white men, multiculturalism, third-wave feminism, gender nonconformity, rampant consumerism, the breakdown of the family unit, and a whole host of other grievances.

Within the alt-right, there are heavy overtones of neo-fascism, patriarchy, and white supremacism. There is a general rejection of human rights as they are defined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well the thesis of racial sameness as propounded in the 1978 Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice. Importantly, their overarching desire for an explicitly white ethnostate implies both ethnic cleansing and a challenge to the sovereignty of the United States of America.

In short, the alt-right are fundamentally antithetical to the post-war human rights discourse and the very fabric of liberal democracy as we know it. If they get their way, it will be at the cost of immense human suffering.

That said – and this is where we come in – there are still some extremely legitimate grievances fueling the emotive core of the alt-right that are compatible with – and in fact enshrined in – the very canon of human rights which the alt-right rejects. If these grievances are addressed, then the alt-right will de-materialize as if into thin air.

You see, many today believe that to grant equal dignity and equal rights to all peoples logically requires it be true that all peoples are more or less the same, interchangeable blank slates. While there is certainly some room for looking at it this way, such a picture is incomplete — an ever-increasing consilience of evidence suggests otherwise.

It is beginning to look as though the idea that ‘the races are essentially the same’ is the Ptolemaic model to race-realism’s Copernican model.

While we condemn all attempts to ascribe rigid traits or predilections to different human ‘races’ – let alone to behave prejudicially toward others based on race – we must nevertheless resoundingly and passionately condemn all presumptions of culpability for racial disparities that are attributed to a pervasive climate of ‘white racism’. The war on racism must end. Alternatively, all public policy – and human interrelations – ought be predicated on a decidedly – as much as possible at least – agnostic attitude toward any question of whether all people and peoples are essentially the same or essentially different. We believe that this is the path by which true, enduring human equality, and mutual respect and prosperity, can best be realized.

We say this with an air of optimism and hopefulness. The war on racism – though a doubtless necessity at its earlier stages – today represents a roadblock preventing people of color from realizing their own self-empowerment. It is like misdiagnosing a patient and then ramping up her mis-medication when she doesn’t get better. In fact, we feel that the war on racism has begun to pose nothing short of a threat to racial equality and harmony because it a) categorically embraces racial discrimination as a means of achieving its goals, b) sets the stage for future whitelashes of types and magnitudes that cannot be predicted.

Importantly, we absolutely and resoundingly do not deny the existence of pervasive implicit racial bias against people of color. Though we condemn racial prejudice and discrimination, we nevertheless dispute its root cause, seeing it instead – mostly at least – as a consequence of perceptible generalities.

When it comes to the question of the essential sameness or essential differentness of people, we believe that the cup is both half full and half empty. Though we are all deserving of the same human dignity and equal rights, there are nevertheless real differences that cannot be eradicated simply through culture and education – at least not on any large scale.

Critically, we make no prescriptive claims about what ought to change in society other than that its premise of essential racial sameness be amended. We are thus happy to defer to the societal consensus on issues of immigration, gender, lifestyle, religion – et cetera.

Our mission could be described thusly:

  1. To de-stigmatize the notion that meaningful variation might exist along the contours of human populations; to recognize this as a valid viewpoint, arrived at through lived experience, and enshrining it as an expression of freedom of religion.
  2. To end all insinuations of implicit white culpability for racial disparities.
  3. To end all de facto legal and social double standards that exist along racial lines.
  4. To end all social engineering projects, including activist mass entertainment, whose justifications rest on dubious claims about the root causes of racial disparity.
  5. To treat racial discrimination as a subset of general lookist discrimination, and to accordingly look for alternative, universal solutions for addressing human inequity.

We chose the name “Legitimate Grievances” to differentiate between the legitimate and the illegitimate grievances of the alt-right. Though there is an untruth at the heart of the alt-right’s reaction against racial egalitarianism and multiculturalism, there is an equal and opposite untruth lurking like a worm in the heart of the society they oppose.

The fact that the press can’t get enough of the alt-right means that we’ve all gone past the point of no return if their legitimate grievances aren’t soon addressed. If we want to build paradise on Earth, it must be like a skyscraper that can sway in the wind – one that is built with good science – rather than the Tower of Babel that we are currently building.